Inclusive infographic & handout on safe sexual positioning after joint replacement surgery

There's a dearth of sexuality focused patient education materials that showcase diverse bodies, races, genders, and relationship dynamics. This inspired me to create this infographic and handout, with many more ideas brewing for future projects! While this was created to address positioning post joint replacement, these are also excellent positions for…

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Why sex positive occupational therapy?

Sex is considered an activity of daily living and I personally believe that sex, sexuality, expression of gender, and creating intimate and loving connections are just as important to people’s overall health and well-being as any other occupation that is meaningful in their lives.  As an occupational therapist, I am extremely…


Exploring Pelvic Health OT

In an effort to broaden my sexuality and intimacy focused practice skills and offerings, I'm beginning to explore pelvic health occupational therapy. Starting with the OT Pioneers training course through The Functional Pelvis, I'm eager to learn more about this practice area from a much needed OT lens! Physical therapists are…


Intro to Sexuality and OT Learning Activity

As part of my capstone project, I created learning activities to engage students more in the content. With full credit and thanks for Beth Ann Walker, PhD, OTR for developing the Occupational Performance Inventory of Sexuality and Intimacy and the Occupational Therapy Sexual Assessment Framework, I adapted this incredible work to…


Logo Design

This design is my reimagination of the Occupational Therapy symbol to represent that we are a health profession that helps clients rise from the ashes and live their lives to their fullest abilities. The design incorporates the American medical symbol as well as the image of a phoenix that other occupational…


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